Academic Writing

David Lynch’s American Nightmare (2018)

This is my critical video essay that I produced for my capstone course at the University of Kansas. It is a textual analysis of David Lynch’s films across his filmography.

The Subversive Western (2017)

This is my final paper for Philosophy 500: The Philosophy of Film. I analyzed Taxi Driver and McCabe and Mrs. Miller as examples of subversive and revisionist western films.

Rian Johnson’s “Brick” as Neo-Noir (2017)

This is a paper from my Film & Media Studies 380: American Pop Culture of Film Noir course. It details how Rian Johnson’s 2005 debut Brick can be read as a neo-noir film.

Gojira: Characterization of Devastation (2015)

This is my final research paper for Film & Media Studies 315: Survey of Japanese Film. My research focused on the physical characteristics of Godzilla as an allegory for the horror of the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.