Artist Statement

Dan Stewart

I have found the most unique benefit of being a filmmaker is having the opportunity to experience your work with others in real time. Sitting alongside your audience and being able to influence their feelings for a few minutes is really an incredible feeling. As such, I’ve pursued it since I was very young.

My work deals with authenticity, performance, and disillusionment. I want viewers to confront themselves and their surroundings and achieve a catharsis through parody and critique. How do we perform for others and how do we perform for ourselves? How has art and film influenced the way we see ourselves and others? These are questions I’d like to probe.

It’s important to me to make work that is genuine and personal. I believe I create things so that I can better understand myself, and revel in that fulfillment with viewers, who hopefully will connect with it as well. Making that connection is the goal and it’s easiest when you make work that is true to yourself. I believe in filmmaking, and that helps me believe in myself.